The fight is not over. Don't let them shut down the First Amendment. Find a startup. Several are available. Even though Facebook, Twitter Google, Amazon, and Apple conspired to shut down conservatives and put Parler out of business (which may be a Rico Statute violation), startups are available - Clouthub, Rumble, and many others. Get conservatives you know and move there. The skyrocketing rise of NewsMax shows what can happen to startups that treat conservatives with fairness and honesty.

We must not let the blatant fraud occur in any future elections.Democrats we will remember. Your time will be up in 2022. We must focus on three positions in paticular. The biggest of these is the Minnesota Secretary of State, Then comes the Governor and Attorney General. We also can't forget our Minnesota House. We must put out a major effort to overcome the voter fraud we know will happen. We need to have more election judges and poll challengers then the Democrats. We know that Minnesota's present administration will do nothing to curb the voter fraud since even when Ilhan Omar's campaign worker was caught on tape and bragging about committing voter fraud, Ilhan Omar's campaign was let move ahead without question.